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    Have a business or blog and want some insight on how to grow, expand, and reach more people? Want to start a brand-new business and not sure where to begin?

    Mentorship for Home-Based Bloggers and Businesses is the place to get an in-depth jumpstart to building a business around your passion, finding the right audience, creating a plan, or overcoming obstacles that are standing in your way.


    “Within our first 60-minute call, Katherine completely reduced my overwhelm by presenting a plan of action and a step-by-step process for me to follow. Within one year I had doubled my income and was working less hours. Next up: a seven figure income. Thank you, Katherine!”

    Kacy Moses


    “I wish I had worked with her sooner. Now I realize how much time and money I had been wasting trying to figure it all out when I could have gained clarity and direction with just one phone call. After years of scrambling I am now, finally, on track to build a multiple 6-figure income. Before you give up or break down and cry, CALL KATHERINE. I have told every home-based business owner I know about her!”

    -Cathy Bartlett


    “I came to Katherine to gain clarity on how to build my blog. What I left with was more precious than money. I regained my joy and freedom. I have Sunday brunches again and take long hikes with my dog. Before I felt overwhelmed and stressed. The weight of “I-MUST-BUILD-THIS-BLOG sat heavily on my shoulders day and night. She did a great job of getting to my WHY and helping me share that with my audience. Everyone should have at least one phone call with Katherine to get themselves on the right track.”

    -Maddie Crawford

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    “Within 7 days after my 1 hour Monetization Session with Katherine I increased my sales by 135%. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it!”

    -Julie Bernham

    lets strategize katherine keller monetization session

    If you’re actively looking to grow your home-based business, need some clarity, focus, or a game plan on how to move forward through the holidays, then I’m about to share my biggest holiday gift I can give you.

    The holidays are what can make, or break, a home-based business.

    Here’s what I mean by that…

    It’s no secret that competition for customers becomes fierce this time of year. You’ve probably noticed that the successful entrepreneurs in your industry have a well-planned social media strategy.


    Because heading into the holidays without having a plan means you are literally leaving money on the table for your competition to pick up.

    Managing a business is stressful enough without a plan. Managing a business and home during the holidays without a plan is setting you up for a disastrous start to 2018.

    my story katherine keller

    My first few holiday seasons as a home-based business owner were a complete disaster. Not only was I behind on everything, I was losing money, stressed, overwhelmed, and losing sleep at night from anxiety.

    I had no such thing as a work-life balance and I felt guilty every time I stepped away from work (with my piles of projects) to bake cookies with the kids and then I would feel guilty when I said no to watching “Elf” with them because I had work to get done. I felt like a terrible mother and a horrible business owner.

    By the 3rd holiday season I started getting my act together through creating lists and planning ahead. Years of trial and error of what worked, waiting too long, selling too soon. I’m now on my 7th holiday season of running my home-business I have a complete plan of action for both my international business and home life.

    I am no longer throwing things together at the last minute, feeling like I’m behind the rest of my competition. I have a plan of action for time with the kids, marketing and sales for work, and it works.

    So how can YOU quickly get together a profitable plan for your business and keep your sanity between all of the decorating, shopping, baking, and gift wrapping?


    You can keep practicing year after year and tracking what works best for you through trial and error.


    We can spend 90 minutes together on the phone creating a step-by-step plan of action for your holiday season.

    In just one 90 minute session we can create a customized plan, action steps, and a clear path towards your holiday goals.

    “I can’t explain how rejuvenated and motivated I felt after my phone call with Katherine. I didn’t realize how bogged down I had been with all of the stuff I thought I needed to do for my business.” – Julie Bronwell

    “Bless you! This is exactly what I needed to get back on track.” – Lauren Brockman

    “My favorite part was that she really listened to me and then took the overwhelm away by just giving me a simple step-by-step plan of action for my business.” – Kaylee Mitchem

    I want you to make sure you have an incredibly successful holiday season and are ready to go with a full game plan for your business.

    Therefore, for a limited time you can receive:

    $80 holiday discount on your 1-hour Monetization Sesson

    90 Minute Monetization Sesson

    PRICE:  $199


    The Monetization Session includes a one-on-one phone conference with Katherine with:

    • 30 minute full analysis of your business
    • 60 minute strategy session to create a marketing game plan for your business

    Spots fill up quickly during the holiday season!

    Once you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a schedule of available times for you to choose the one most convenient for your Monetization Session.

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