October 10, 2017
  • Hustle (v) : to push or force one’s way ; jostle or shove. To be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings.

    If you’ve been in the business world for long, the word hustle has come up. You want success? You’ve got to hustle. Want to land that new client? Hustle. Want to live the life of your dreams? Hustle more.

    Many of you started your home-based business because you wanted flexibility. You wanted to take time off when you need to, work the hours you want, be at home when a kid gets sick, be available to go to soccer games or PTA meetings.

    You wanted to create income, help provide for you family, take a vacation, have time to learn a new language or hobby.

    As time has gone on you may have lost that excitement you once had. The balance between enjoying a business you’re passionate about and taking care of all of the things that pop up in life, have left you feeling….

    • You feel guilty for not giving your business as much time as you think you should.
    • You feel guilty you aren’t further along in your business.
    • You feel guilty you aren’t with the kids when you’re working.
    • You feel guilty when you aren’t working because you’re with the kids.
    • With thousands of trainings out there you constantly chase the newest ‘shiny object’ hoping each training will help you find the success you’re looking for.
    • You watch your competitors and when they introduce something new you head down that path too….always feeling a step behind the rest.
    • You feel like your to-do list is never-ending and each day you are getting further behind.
    • You question if you should continue with your business.
    • Your emotional, mental, or physical health has declined
    • Your motivation is continually going up and down.
    • You find yourself working, taking care of the house/kids, and sleeping with very little time to do the things you want to do.

    If any of that sounds familiar, if you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, then YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    La Belle Vie Society was created for women who want to learn, step-by-step, how to grow their business, stay motivated consistently, and establish boundaries so that they can enjoy a prosperous business and a healthy life.

    • All of the little enjoyments in life that you have been putting off until retirement, we want to help you enjoy them now.
    • All of the freedom you were hoping to gain with your home-based business, we want you to experience it now.
    • All of the new hobbies you have been wanting to learn, we want you to learn them now.

    We focus on cutting out the unnecessary, saving time, creating boundaries, simplifying marketing strategies, and being consistent with motivation.


    If this sounds like a program that you need in your life, we want to offer you a very special 1-week free trial of La Belle Vie Society.

    This special trial is completely free, and it is for women like you who are interested in earning a living independently and regaining the joy and freedom in your life.

    Again, this special trial is completely free, there are no hidden fees or upsells. If you decide to continue with our society, the monthly membership is just $24/month, which gives you access to the courses, live trainings, a private Facebook group, and special guest interviews.



    “There are countless trainings on how to build your business but I will only work with Katherine. Why?

    1. Because she understands what it’s like to try and cook dinner, get the kids out of the house for football practice, while taking business calls.
    2. She believes that losing your joy and freedom in pursuit of a business means that you have lost your purpose.
    3. Her teachings trim-the-fat so that you can accomplish more in less time.
    4. I was able to gain 10,000 new leads in just 3 months using her methods.

    I have worked with several other teachers and none of them understood me like Katherine.”

    Alicia Phillips


    “To say I was an overwhelmed, Type A, control-freak is an understatement. I was horrible at delegating, setting boundaries, and time management. I basically believed I had to do it all and had never really thought about letting go….of anything. Within one month I went from working 50+ hours a week to working 25 hours per week in my online retail business. Now, most weeks, I average around 15 hours per week. The craziest part? My income has increased by 15%.  I have started taking golf lessons, catching up on my favorite book series, and this summer I am planning a girls’ getaway with my daughter. BUILDING A BUSINESS FROM HOME DOES NOT HAVE TO TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE! I would recommend anyone who wants to start or build a home-based business talk with Katherine right away.”

    Jennifer Westmeyer


    “I have always believed in the direct sales industry. I loved working with my up-line, building a team, and creating a business. But underneath, I was a disaster. I was scrambling to keep up with the kids, taking orders all hours of the day, meeting women for coffee when I wanted to be at my son’s karate lesson. Katherine does more than just teach you HOW to build a business. She brings you back around to finding your WHY. As much as I loved the trainers in my industry, I just felt like no one understood me the way that Katherine does.”



    “I can’t count the number of times I almost quit. Thank God I didn’t. Katherine helped me to stop listening all of the people telling me what I ‘should’ do and find the audience, the clarity, the purpose, and the passion around what I truly wanted. I now have a community of over 300 customers and I am able to easily sell and market to them because my focus has shifted. Thank you, Katherine!”

    -L. Lunsford


    “I have worked with Katherine for years. Initially, I hired her to help me grow my business. I was struggling with clarity, finding my audience, and not falling into the shiny object syndrome of chasing every rabbit hole I came across online. However, as time went on, she helped me with more than just my business. She helped me to clean up my life and weed through all of the projects, volunteer work, relationships, and to-do lists that no longer made me happy. They had been dragging me down for so long that I was oblivious to how much weight I was carrying. I had lost myself and didn’t even realize it because I didn’t know who I was anymore. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that not only did Katherine give me clarity with my business, she helped me regain joy in my life. Priceless.”

    A.J. Manning

    Ready to Join Us?

    Again, your 1-week trial of La Belle Vie Society is completely free, no hidden costs or upsells. If you decide our society is a great fit for you, after the trial is over La Belle Vie will cost you just $24/month, and you can cancel ANYTIME, no hassle, no questions asked.


    Thank you for stopping by today. We can’t wait to meet you inside our society!

    P.S. if La Belle Vie Society doesn’t sound right for you right now, we still have plenty for you to check out. Start with Katherine’s memoir, gain access to a free e-book, or find an article to help you build your business in The Library.