Katherine Keller

With our VIP packages you can channel your inner Olivia Pope and just “consider it handled.” 🍷

-Katherine Keller

✔️Need to “phone a friend” and have a quick strategy session to take your marketing from blah to kapow?

✔️Want to have some killer graphics created to grab customers’ attention for an upcoming sale?

✔️Need an eblast sent out skyrocket your sales for the holiday season?

✔️Have a website that needs some tweaks to make it drop dead gorgeous?

✔️Want someone to schedule social media posts that get high engagement rates?


Think of it as your personal marketing assistant that you use on an as-needed basis. When a marketing opportunity or idea comes up and you feel too overwhelmed, too bogged down, or you just want to create more freedom in your calendar, use your VIP membership points and have it handled for you.

Start using your time for more important aspects of your business and leave the marketing up to us.

“Sadly, the biggest mistake I see female business owners make, is that they don’t delegate. They try to do it all….learn how to build/update a website, try to create beautiful graphic designs for social media, attempt to create stunning newsletters, and learn the psychological techniques and strategies behind sales and copywriting.

They become a hot, marketing mess and their businesses suffer or fail.”

-Katherine Keller


Consider your VIP membership to be like having a bucket of Chuck E. Cheese token coins at your disposal. You can use your coins at any time on any project. You can use them all in one month or you can spread them out over a year. You decide when and where. The VIP membership is as flexible as your yoga instructor.

It is catered to fit your life, your business, your style.

I was like everyone else. I started my business and I had NO marketing budget. I thought I could just do it all on my own! I thought I was doing a great job until I had one consultation with Katherine and she showed me the light!

You don’t know what you don’t know. As soon as she showed me how I was holding myself back and how she could help me, I knew this was exactly what my business needed! Take any opportunity you can to talk with Katherine! It will change your business.

-Karlie Wilkins


✔️ Total of 8 hours of project work*

✔️ Unlimited email access*

✔️ Project completion within 2 weeks

*must be used within 12 months of purchase

PRICE: $850

✔️ Total of 12 hours of project work*

✔️ Unlimited email access*

✔️ One 60 Minute Strategy Session*

✔️ Free access to 60 Minute Marketing Makeover

✔️ Project completion within 1 week

*must be used within 12 months of purchase

PRICE: $1,100

✔️ Total of 20 Hours of Project Work*

✔️ Unlimited Email Access*

✔️ Three 60 Minute Strategy Sessions*

✔️ Free Access to 60 Minute Marketing Makeover

✔️ Priority Project Completion

*must be used within 12 months of purchase

PRICE: $1,700

Need a customized plan for ongoing, monthly marketing services? Let’s chat.

Reminder: When you invest in your future through our work, you’re also creating a change in the world. Because with every product or service you purchase, you support a person in need through our Kiva charity program.

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