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  • The Score: Richard Branson….4Billion Katherine Keller….1

  • Anyone, regardless of their success level, who tells you they do not fear….is a liar.

    We all have fears and as you grow and become more successful you never lose your fears, they just change into different fears.  The good news is that when you conquer one fear you build up confidence that you can conquer another.  So while the fear is constant, our ability to cope with the fear becomes more efficient.

    If you have read any of my posts or watched some of my videos you are probably aware that I have dealt with some off the charts, unhealthy fears.  Last month was no exception…

    I received an email from Entrepreneur Magazine asking me if I would consider being a weekly article contributor.  This is a HUGE honor.  To go from being the woman who could not see any value in herself, just a few short years ago, to being the woman who is being asked to write articles for entrepreneurs around the globe was unfathomable.

    My first reaction was bewilderment, then excitement, which quickly turned into a sickening feeling in my stomach, which then ended in paralyzing fear. I began to think of all of my “idols” who write for Entrepreneur.  There was no way I was on their level.  Was Entrepreneur lowing their standards?  Were they desperate for contributors?

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    I thought about pretending I never received the email.  I thought about writing back and explaining that I was grateful for the offer to write for millions of people around the world, but….uh, I’m just too busy…..I just got a new cat and all.

    I realized what I was doing.  I have been down this path many, many times before.  I knew that my lack of self-worth was creeping back in.  In the past I would never talk to people.  I never shared bad news OR good news.  I never wanted to be held accountable.  These things never got me anywhere.

    I’ve learned from my mistakes and I contacted my business coach and immediately told him about the email.  He would hold me accountable.  Did my fears disappear?  NO! But my fear of telling my business coach that I was making excuses was far worse than my fear of looking like an idiot for Entrepreneur Magazine. (Point #1: Have someone in your life who will hold you accountable.)

    Fast forward to this week.  My first article was published.  Because I’m a perfectionist I still felt that there were things I would like to change but they published it anyway.  I was terrified that no one would read it….or that there would be nasty comments at the bottom.  How embarrassing to publish your first article to have only two people share it?  PLUS, they published my article on the exact same day at the exact same time as an article submitted by Richard Branson…..THE Richard Branson…..SIR Richard Branson…..the multi-billionaire. (sigh)

    At the time I am typing this post my article has been up for 48 hours. Here are the stats:

    Sir Branson received 365 shares on social Media

    Sir Branson received 365 shares on social Media

    Check this OUT! 4,000 people shared my article. I was so stunned I had to call my sister over and have her verify that the “K” meant a thousand.

    That’s right Richard Branson, you may own an island but more people shared my article.
    (And I mean that in the most respectful way possible, sir.)

    I’m not sharing this for the purpose of bragging (well…maybe just a little).  However, I am certain Mr. Branson is not the least bit concerned about the number of shares he has compared to mine.  But I believe he would agree with the moral of this story.

    Do you think I’m excited about writing another article for Entrepreneur?!?  YES!  Do you think I’m going to have the same fear and anxiety this time? No way!…I beat out RICHARD BRANSON

    I feel empowered.  I am ready to take on the WORLD (or at least another article).  (Point #2: Taking action is the BEST way to overcome your fears.  The more action you take, the more fears you will overcome.  The more fears you overcome, the better equipped you are to face future fears.)

    This is for all of the people out there who DON’T have a net worth of $4.8 billion….yet:

    Sir Richard Branson: 4 Billion  Katherine Keller: 1

    Update:  You guys are amazing. I know many of you read and shared the article and were a large part of that original 4,000.  It is now over 5,000 shares. My feelings of gratitude are overwhelming. Thank you!

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