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  • Part 2 – Eliminating The Devil on My Shoulder

  • In today’s Part 2 excerpt of a three-part series, Katherine Keller and Business/Life Coach, Chance Taureau, speaks with our reader, Julia, on the topics of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, silencing the fear, dealing with internalized oppression, and the trap people fall into in watching successful people.

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    Questions to consider for Part 2:

    1. Are you sitting around waiting to feel “comfortable” before taking action?
    2. Have you vilified fear rather than embraced it as an adventure?
    3. Are you bold enough to take action?
    4. Internalized oppression…are you really being oppressed? Or are you oppressing yourself?
    5. Are you using the tools that work for YOU?

    I would like to take a moment and thank Julia for participating. It takes some boldness to share your fears and insecurities on the internet for everyone to learn from. Please take a moment to comment below on some of the moments she shared that you have been or can currently relate to with her thoughts and obstacles.

    Do you have a question or topic you feel is holding you back from success?

    Please, take a moment to share your thoughts or questions with us.

    Chance Taureau has over ten years of Business and Life Coaching. He has helped tens of thousands around the globe who want to gain more happiness and success. Chance is high performance, results driven, and committed to supporting an individual be more successful by discovering opportunities for growth. Visit his website at: www.taureauconsulting.com
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