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My story begins with an end…a divorce. More specifically a divorce involving two young kids who were needing me to stay strong and to provide for them, not only financially but emotionally. And I couldn’t do either.

I went from being a stay-at-home Mom to starting my own business. The long nights, the bills that went unpaid, the guilt, the tears…I worked hard to free myself from all of it. I put in the hours and did what I was supposed to do.

My business went international. I had hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. I was asked to be a writer for Entrepreneur.com. And still….I wasn’t happy.

I worked more, needed more. The fear of poverty was always breathing down my neck and the desire to have the next shiny object was always right in front of me. I worked 14 hour days, then 16 hour days, then 18 hour days. Still a single mother, I was like the plate spinner at the circus who ran from stick to stick trying to keep all of the plates spinning at once.

I can’t think of one specific day when all of the plates crashed. Instead it was a slow process over several months. I couldn’t keep up any more. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t care. All of the fire I once had was now gone.

Nothing like having the “what do I want to be when I grow up?” conversation with myself as I quickly approached my 40’s. The entire business became transformed and quickly became a place to encourage others to embrace their passions, dreams, and goals but with a minimalism approach.

I challenged myself, and my followers, to be boldly release the parts of their lives and business that aren’t working, not just physical aspects but the mental and emotional as well.  I encourage my followers to discover their own journey towards minimizing the aspects of their business and lives they feel they “must” do, so that we can increase productivity and joy, and they can experience the huge benefits from true freedom.

I am dedicated to showing that there is no ONE way to create freedom but that freedom can be experienced TODAY. And the more entrepreneurs and people who are introduced to this life-changing message, the better! Because the more joy we can feel now, the more success we will create.


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