10 Lessons I Needed To Tell Myself

Tomorrow is my 41st birthday. While I’m not one of those people who hate birthdays, I haven’t always looked forward to them either. Rather than being a reminder of getting older, sometimes it’s just a reminder of all of the things left undone. Today I’m sharing ten of the biggest hurdles I’ve

A Soldier’s Christmas Poem

My brother decided to join the military just a few weeks after 9/11. I was beyond proud (of course), frightened (obviously), and completely inconsolable when he was deployed through Christmas. That Christmas I thought about him a hundred times a day. Was he sad? Did he have any friends over there so


Over the past few years my naivety was pulled out from under me as friend after friend and even a few family members showed their darker sides. I felt shock as words like “snowflake” and “bigot” were hurled at each other from people who I genuinely respected and admired. Social media became

Sugar Coated Pecans

katherine keller sugar coated pecans 3
There are two problems with these sugar coated pecans. They are crazy easy to make They are highly addictive During the holidays we seem to make a batch every single week. Not only do they make the house smell ah-mazing, but they make for an easy appetizer, holiday gift, or after school
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