Apr 202014

I have been a work-from-home Mom for many years now.  My children have become accustomed to the, “This is a really, REALLY important phone call for Mommy.  Please do not come and get me unless there is a fire or someone is severely bleeding,” conversations.  They know that if there is a fire, it’d bettered be a BIG fire and if someone is bleeding, it’d bettered need more than just a band-aid.  They know they are to stay in their rooms and find something that does not involve sound for 1 hour.

Since I have been doing this for years and years, it was a complete shock to me that my 10 year old decided that NOW was the time to test me.

I normally try not to schedule meetings, especially web conferences, while my children are home.  But this meeting was very important to me.  For over 6 months I have wanted to start a new program of connecting Life/Business Coaches to some of my readers who have wrote in really great questions.  After 6 months of planning, this was the very first meeting.

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So, as usual, we have our family pre-phone call meeting to go over the rules.  Everyone had their assigned spots to stay in for the duration of one hour.  Ipods were charged.  Headphones were handed out.  We had the green light.

About 47 minutes into the meeting, this happened….

Notice the look of shock and horror on her face at the realization she is on my computer screen.

See the look on my face? That is me slowly registering the fact that there is a child behind.

Realizing she was on camera, she immediately ducked back into the hallway. But apparently she was feeling adventurous and whatever she was after simply could NOT wait. So thinking she is out of camera view (even though she wasn’t) she creept along on all fours across the bottom of my screen.

Notice the other 2 are laughing. I'm only laughing because I have to let the intense build up of emotion out in a civilized way...since I'm on camera and all.

Notice the other 2 are laughing. The look on my face is one of gritting my teeth but trying to simultaneously force a smile at the same time.

Then she disappeared and I thought the whole thing was behind us until…..

I see a hand reach up and the cabinet door above my right shoulder slowly opens.

I saw a hand reach up and the cabinet door above my right shoulder slowly opened. Now I just have a look of sheer exhaustion on my face.

And then I finally figure out what my daughter was willing to risk life and limb for….

photo 4 abby

That shiny box that has appeared out the the cabinet are chocolate fiber bars. My daughter was, apparently, SO hungry she couldn’t wait the last 15 minutes until my meeting was finished.

Notice the look on my face. Even though I have a half smirk, there are many emotions going on....none of them are good.

Notice the look on my face. Even though I have a half smirk, there were many emotions going on….none of them were good.

Anyone who works from home…please tell me you can feel my pain.

The good news is we have an AMAZING recorded meeting titled, “Eliminating the Devil on My Shoulder.”  (Abby’s appearance has been edited out.)  The video includes Life/Business Coach, Chance Taureau with some GREAT tips and tools and it will be posted later this week.

In other news, the kids and I took a road trip this weekend and got some much needed R&R on the lake.  You can check out some of our fun photos and follow me on my Instagram page.

P.S. I should probably go ahead and mention that I would never ACTUALLY harm either of my children.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t get really, REALLY (REALLY) intense with my mental emotions towards them.