About Katherine Keller

Katherine Keller: has always had an entrepreneurial heart but nothing prepared her for the whirlwind of starting her own business as a single Mom of two young kids. Aside from the steep learning curve of how to manage a business, build a social media following, and actually MAKE money, she had to overcome huge obstacle of fear and anxiety.

In less than a year she built a following of over 100,000 people on social media and her website catapulted to a #4 page ranking by Google.

After working with women business owners around the globe, Keller realized that there was a common theme of females being too fearful to start their own business, too overwhelmed with trying to figure out which business is right for them, and struggling to figure out how to manage the day-to-day tasks of becoming a success.

Keller now works one-on-one people who desire to become successful entrepreneurs. She removes the stress by managing, organizing, and building step-by-step process to help them create the business they deserve.

She works with clients in 9 different countries and coast-to-coast across the United States who want to start and build their own businesses. She is a weekly contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Association of Network Marketing Professionals (member), and National Association for Professional Women (member).

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