We are told to serve. All of the business coaches and teachers will tell you that. You must SERVE people in order to become successful. Your focus should be on SERVING and the money will come.

For years I have thought about how I might be able to dramatically change people’s lives. I pictured people like Tony Robbins or Oprah who have impacted millions of people around the world through giving, teaching, helping.

How can I serve like THAT?” I would lay in bed and ask. “How can I create THAT kind of impact on that world?

They are great questions. As business people, or even just as human beings, we should ask those types of questions regularly.

So I worked hard on thinking about how I could have thousands or millions of followers around the world. “How can I serve in a big way? How can I serve in a BIG way?” is the question that repeated itself over and over in my head

But then one day it hit me. If our only focus is on having that type of impact, we miss little opportunities every day.

We miss the opportunity to send an encouraging text to a friend in need. We miss the opportunity to take soup to a sick family member. We miss the opportunity to give a hug.

We don’t have to have a massive amount of followers to make an impact on the world every single day.

There is nothing wrong with striving to change the world. But changing the world starts with simplicity.

I am reminded of a great speech by Admiral William McRaven where he begins by stating that if you want to change the world, start by making your bed. He shares a total of 10 ways that you can change the world, and none of them have anything to do with having millions of Instagram followers

Today I challenge you to think of three things you can do to encourage, uplift, or help three people. Perhaps it is picking up the phone and calling someone. Maybe it is hiding a little “I love you” note in a lunchbox.

Three things that take less than 5 minutes to complete. But if you do three things to uplift people, every day, for just one single year I promise you, you will have helped to change the world.


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