Soooo….no one ever told me that you never get a break during the teen years. I knew the baby phase would be rough…all Mom’s talk about lack of sleep during those first few weeks (or months…or years).

But no one ever warned me about the constant go-go-go during the teen years.

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you know that this week included a final marching band competition, and final soccer game of the fall year, a band halloween party, a symphony halloween party, ACTUAL halloween, my daughter making the rifle team, and my son competing in his first JROTC event as a new commander.

That’s all within 7 days. 😴 🍷


My son (t-rex) and daughter (Hermione). I was laughing so hard at that dinosaur costume.


My son and one of his friends never shy away from an awesome photo op.


My daughter found out she made the rifle team. They are ranked #1 in the nation so it’s kind of a big deal.


Even through all of the crazy, I did make sure to take the time to plan out my week using the Home Organization for the Modern Woman and I was able to get everything checked off the list. 👊

I even felt pretty proud of myself for having stocked my Halloween candy a week in advance….but then it rained and was 47 degrees Halloween night, and I had exactly ZERO trick-or-treaters come to my house. 😳

Now I have about 10 pounds of candy that need to be eaten. #IllTakeOneForTheTeam.

This week’s downloads, planners, and checklists are ready to go and we are in full Thanksgiving prep mode. A big theme for this week…..THE FREEZER! We are getting it organized and stocking it up for Thanksgiving.

Download your checklists for this week to stay on top of the holidays in your home. 

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Until next week…