If eight years ago you would have told me that I would be interviewed on how to build your wealth, I probably would have spewed my sweet tea out my nose from laughing so hard.

{Which, by the way, is painful. I don’t recommend it.}

However, that is exactly what happened this week.

I was asked to be one of six experts on how to rewrite your money story.

A video interview……which meant I had to take off my comfy athleisure attire and apply a few layers of mascara.

My topic?….Perfectionism.

I’m not talking about the girl who always has her nails perfectly manicured and her house is spotless.

Nope, I’m talking about the kind of perfectionism that slowly creeps around through the dark tunnels of your life disguising itself as an innocent entity before eating you alive.

“Oh, yes….they float, Georgie…they float…and when you’re down here with me….YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!”

{Eh hem…..sorry. I’m in the Halloween mood}

Anyway, I shared stories of how perfectionism started in my early childhood and how it kept me broke as an entrepreneur.

Other interviewees covered topics such as:

  • Why you are working way too hard to generate income
  • How you can leverage yourself to multiply your income without having to work more
  • The belief that you need to work hard for your money
  • Removing the blocks to success
  • And lots of other great information

Best news? It’s ZERO cost for you. There isn’t even some “surprise” product you have to buy at the end. {Seriously, I even curled my hair for this and it’s a 100% FREE gift for you…..you’re welcome}

Every day for 6 days you get a new inspirational/instructional video on building wealth.

Just click here to claim your spot and I’ll see you in the video {with my curled hair and mascara on}.


P.S. In my interview, I also share the three biggest hurdles that work-from-home go-getters need to climb over so they don’t face plant mid-journey. So claim your spot now.

Photo credit: NeONBRAND