I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said, “THIS will be the new beginning.” I would get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Worn down, confused, and frustrated I would write in my journal, “THIS is where it all changes. THIS is where my new story begins.”

I prayed, “let it be for REAL this time,” as I cried into my exhausted pillow.

All I wanted was to be happy again, to feel fulfilled, to feel passionate about my work, and to spread joy. It seemed like a simple request.

Yet as more time passed I became increasingly frustrated.

“I’m 32. I should have this figured out by now.”

“I’m 35. I should have this figured out by now.”

“I’m 38. I should have this figured out by now.”


I became harder on myself as time passed. Despite my successes, I still felt lost. Guilt plagued me for not having the passion that others preached.

The hateful, ego side chastised me for being so far behind where it thought I should be.

I’ve been through it. A thousand times I have beat myself up until what little light I had left in me was snuffed out by the incessant “why can’t you get it together?” drum that beat inside my head.

Comparisons would deliver the final knock out blow. “She has been in business half as long and has twice as many followers as YOU.” “They built a 7 figure business in 90 days.”

The voices in your head. They mock, chastise, degrade, and terrorize. They incinerate your dreams through their subconscious programming. They keep you from becoming the bright light you were meant to be.

We like to blame external events for our failures. “It wasn’t the right product.” “The timing was bad.” “I didn’t have enough money.”

But the truth is that the voices of doubt and negativity inside our heads are the biggest barrier to achieving everything we desire. It disguises itself as a protector, keeping you safe from harm.

In reality, it’s just cold hard fear. Plain and simple.


Right now, in this moment, you have the opportunity to learn from every mistake, every negative situation, every voice of doubt that has been presented to you.

You have the opportunity to embrace the past, hold on to the positive, and find the lessons in the negative.

You have the opportunity to learn, understand, and grow from every single experience.

But, it’s only an opportunity.

It is available to you. You have to choose to take it.

Too often we don’t.

Too often we allow our past experiences to amplify our voices of self doubt rather than embrace it as a learning experience on the path to our goals and dreams.


The great actress, Judi Dench, once said,  “I thought, how many new lives can we have? Then I thought, as many as we like.”

Every day is an opportunity to create a new life and a new start for yourself. Each morning you have the chance to start down a path armed with the experiences and lessons from yesterday.

You are not limited by your past. Instead, you are more prepared for your future because of your past.

Take a moment today to think through your past. What lessons have you learned that will help you in your future.

Not lessons like, “I’ve learned that Guin is a total bitch who can’t be trusted.

Instead, think of lessons that you have learned about yourself. What did you learn about:

  • Your strengths?
  • Your weaknesses?
  • Your insecurities?
  • Your boundaries?
  • Who you want to become moving forward?
  • What kind of friend/spouse/boss/entrepreneur you want to be?

Take this information and add it to your backpack of arsenal on the path of life. Learn and grow rather than allowing the voices to beat you up, tear you down, and create massive fear in moving forward.

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Photo credit:Mantas Hesthaven