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Today I’m taking a question from Angelina, and Angelina writes:

I am in the direct sales industry and have a lot of people who sell the exact same products that I sell. How can I deliver more superior service than my competition?

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First off I want to say that just by asking that question will already put you a little bit above the rest. Too often business owners don’t take the time to really think about what their customers need or who they could do it better. So pondering that question is a great step 1.


Step 2 is to see if there is any area of your business that may cost a little bit more to go the extra mile, but it would go a long way towards building a long-term relationship. For instance, one of the first home business clients I worked with was in the skin care industry. Her customer would order the product but when she delivered the product she would deliver it in a goodie bag filled with candy, other product samples, and hand written note that told her client what date she would be calling to follow up and make sure that everything was okay with her product.

In a world where everyone is trying to cut corners, that gesture went a long way. On average customers or client who have already purchased from you and are satisfied, will spend 64% MORE then next time they buy. SO it goes a long way to invest a little extra at the start.


Step 3 is to ask them. Send out an email survey or follow up with a phone call to ask them what is their favorite part about working with you but then ask them what is their least favorite part. Ask them how you can make their lives better, or how you can making working with you more easy for them. They are the best source of improving your customer service.

Sometimes just the simple step of asking them will set you apart in their mind.

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