overcome business fears katherine keller

The question I received from Tracie is:

“I want to start my own business but I just can’t seem to find the excitement like others have. When I think about starting I get scared, overwhelmed and anxious. How do I overcome my fears?”

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The first thing I would say is that you need to stop comparing yourself to others when it comes to taking that first step. Everyone starts in different places with their business. I wasn’t excited either when I started my business. I just did it out of necessity. I needed money my back was against the wall and I dove in. There are some who are over the moon excited. There are some who are a mixture of part excitement part fear. So don’t assume that everyone has to be full of excitement in order to begin.


The second thing I would say is that it’s time to take a moment to think about what happens if you DONT start your business? What if you never start your business. Fast forward 5 or 10 years how will that impact you? Will you regret it? Will you be disappointed in yourself?

Too often we think about the fears of taking action and we don’t really think about the fears or consequences of NOT taking action. We think about how scaring it is to pick up the phone and make a sales call but we don’t stop to think about the consequences of NOT making the calls.


Take a moment and instead of writing lists of goals or things you want to achieve, write down how you will feel if you DON’T ever start your business. Write about the disappointment or regret. Write about how you’ll will feel about yourself or what your family situation will look like.

I don’t advocate spending a lot of time in negativity, but if you’re afraid of moving forward then you better get comfortable with what you’re life will look like if you don’t take that step. Too often we don’t take the time to think about that.

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