distracted in business katherine keller

The question I received from Laney is:

“How do I keep from getting distracted? I seem to jump from one thing to the next and at the end of the day, week, or month I don’t really feel like I have much to show for it.”

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Oh my LORD, I know this one by heart. I’ve lived it breathed it, I went and got the t-shirt. I have business A.D.D for SURE. I also sometimes refer to it as shiny object syndrome. It’s when you see a training and it looks great and sounds like it’s exactly what you need and then you opt in and get the freebie or maybe you even buy the product and then two weeks later their is another course telling you to do something different. And you’ve got all of these different things swirling around in your brain.

I totally understand. Here’s what I have learned. Those type of distractions, that shiny object syndrome, usually comes from a lack of clarity in your life or business. It means your goals aren’t well defined AND/OR the clarity of WHY you want to achieve those goals isn’t well defined.


So the first thing I would ask is, have you wrote down your goals and are they in a place you will see them everyday? If not, that has to be step 1. I don’t think I have to go over the HUGE benefits to writing down your goals but on of them is to help keep you focused in life in business.


The second thing I would ask is, do you have clarity around WHY you want to achieve those goals? This goes back to an earlier video we did where I shared that your first answer on “why” you want to achieve something is usually generic. I may ask, “why do you want to make $10,000 this month” and you’ll tell me because you want to take a vacation with the kids” and then I might ask you WHY is it important for you to take a vacation with the kids?” and you might say, “because I want to give them a fun childhood” and I might say “Why is giving them a fun childhood important to you?” and you might say, “because they are in high school and in a few short years they will be gone and I want to create wonderful memories with them before my time is up with them.”

So we went from “I want this because I want to take a vacation with the kids” to “I want this because my kids will be gone in a few years and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.” Which statement do you think is more powerful?

When we have complete clarity on what we want and WHY we want it we will become less distracted in our work.


The last thing I would suggest is to start searching your fears. I have worked with many business owners who do a whole lot of running around but never really produce anything. Often times this comes from their fear of failure. If they put 100% of their energy and effort into something for days or weeks or months and then LAUNCH it, what happens if it’s not a success? So instead of moving forward they just keep moving side to side. They run from this marketing training to, now I need to redesign my website, to I should probably build my instagram following first, to ‘OH here’s a new training on how to build my Instagram following.

Just remember, every time you get distracted and move from one thing to another like that, you’re just creating more work for yourself in the long run.

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