The question I received from Jennifer is:

“I feel like every marketing idea I have someone has already been there done that. And if I use it, I’m just a copycat. I want my business to be different and unique. How do I do that?”

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You aren’t going to be different or unique if you’re too busy looking at what everyone else is doing. Are there specific steps that can help to build your social media following? Yes. Are there specific steps to grow your email list? Yes. So the step by step process is pretty much the same for EVERY BODY. Whether a person grew their business in 1 year or whether it has taken them 5 years.


The key that you are looking for is unique personality. Too many business owners lose their unique personality in their marketing. When I started my business I definitely wanted to fit into the box I thought I was supposed to be in. I was more concerned with doing things the way the experts said to do it, rather than doing things that fit in with my personality.

For instance, color schemes on websites, the words I would or would not use in blog posts. The types of blog posts I would and would not write. I would look at the successful people as my guideposts for what I should and should not do.


Finally, one night I was sick of no one caring about my business. I was sick of not being heard. I was sick of putting in all of the time, energy and effort only to have 3 likes on a post. So I wrote a letter to myself called the 11 reasons your marketing sucks. I listed how I was screwing up, why no one was buying, and how my brand didn’t really reflect me at all but instead was a culmination of all of the experts I thought I should emulate. I turned that heartfelt letter into a blog post. And that blog post was THE highest engaging and shared post that I had created up to that point in my business.

But it’s because it was authentic. It was real. It was me. So if you are looking for a way to stand out, try writing blog posts as letters to yourself. Try creating social media posts that are exactly what YOU would enjoy reading or watching. Try creating a business for YOURSELF….something that you would absolutely LOVE if you came across it. It doesn’t matter if it’s similar to what’s been done. When you bring your personality to the table….consistently….it will get noticed.


If you aren’t having fun, it shows, people know it and you have to DRAG them to take any action with your business. If you love your business, if you have fun with what you create, people will fall in love with you, they will want to follow you, they will want to spend money with you.

Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Instead, ask yourself WHY you want this business. Whatever the answer, ask yourself why that’s important to you. And keep asking yourself why until you get to the heart of what your business truly means to you. And when you know that….you don’t need to worry about what everyone else is doing.


For me it would be, “Why do I want my business?” because I enjoy working with small business owners. Why do you enjoy it? Because I see their heart and the passion and I want to help them. Why do you want to help them, because they remind me of me when I first started and I want to have a positive impact to encouraging, uplifting, and helping them cross the finish line. See the difference between the first answer” because I enjoy working with small business owners” versus the last answer “I want to have a positive impact to encouraging, uplifting, and helping business owners cross the finish line”? One is generic. One is specific to me and MY passion as a business owner. When you have complete clarity on what your passion is, then your marketing will be unique. I promise.

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