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First off, let me just say, that your website is like your wardrobe. If I walk into your closet and I see a bunch of stuff from the mid 90’s and half of it doesn’t fit you anymore, than I am going to assume that you don’t really care about how you present yourself to the world.

Similarly, if I land on your website and it’s outdated, out of style, half done, and has a general “I don’t care to invest in this” vibe to it, then I’m not going to take you seriously as a professional.

I love you, my precious babies. But it is 2-0-1-8! Get it together, love.

You have to have a website that is fresh, modern, and represents you in a professional light.


First of all, it probably doesn’t cost as much as you think. We work with Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress and can create/redesign your entire website in as little as 3 days starting around $200. {Seriously, girl, that’s less than a cut and color at a fabulous salon!}


Two pieces of advice:

One: Go in with a clear vision of what you want.

There are tons of gadgets and gizmos on websites. You can end up going down a long rabbit hole of adding sliders and CSS animations and all sorts of fun things. In the meantime, your website isn’t fully functional and you are losing time and business. Create a vision. Stick to it. You can always come back and adjust as needed.

Two: If it takes you longer than 5-6 hours to make a really good amount of progress….call in the professionals.

Time is money, hunny. There are people that were put on this planet with the gifts and the knowledge to build GORGEOUS websites so that you can go off and make money using YOUR gifts and talents.


Today I want to share with you some of our most fabulous and favorite web designs that are absolutely perfect for any female professional. Consider it inspiration to build your vision. But if you end up in frustration, send me a message and we’ll take care of it for you.


Meet Chamomile – Your simply sweet, girl-next-door, Chamomile’s the one to bring home to mom & dad. Like a breath of fresh air, Chamomile is simply soothing and sweet. Her enchanting mint green color scheme is perfect for wedding or event planners, stationery brands and photographers.


Geraldine is a classic beauty. Welcome visitors to your site with this whimsical theme which shows off your beautiful images in the large slider at the top of the page. Whether you’re starting a wedding blog, or you’ve run your event planning business for some time, Geraldine will sweep your visitors off their feet!


Meet Isabelle – Feminine whimsy galore, Isabelle’s as flexible as she is beautiful. Devoting her above-the-fold real estate to a slideshow with large images, she’s the go-to girl for style bloggers and lifestyle ladies. Designed to show the excerpts of your posts with thumbnails in a tidy grid layout, Isabelle will help you put your best foot forward.


Meet Jacqueline – A power-dressed WordPress theme for Boss lady, consultants and coaches. Always stylish, always on trend, she’s the one you go to when you need to make a great first impression. Built with a list-building mindset, Jacqueline uses her most prominent piece of web real estate to help you convert leads the first time so they keep coming back for more.


Meet Lynette – She’s got the skills to keep you organized on the back-end and keep your audience engaged with her intuitive and easy-to-navigate design. Her hidden talent? She’s a natural matchmaker, easily introducing your dream clients to your best content with her streamlined categorization features. So, not only can your current audience find more of what’s new, your new visitors can find more of what they’re looking for.


Meet Marilyn – If there’s anything we know about Marilyn, it’s that she knows how to get attention. She’s a bombshell, built to wow and delight with bold, functional style. Perfect for the fashion blogger with bold, beautiful style, Marilyn’s as functional as she is customizable. The best part? She’s experienced in convincing calls-to-action that help you optimize the audience you have for list-building, SEO and social engagement.


Known for her sweet tooth, Naomi’s features are as delicious as her pastries. Perfect for the Dessert First entrepreneur, Naomi’s sweet and pretty style showcases your delicacies in high resolution on every device. Naomi’s featured calls-to-action will have your clients saying, Bon Appetite!


Meet Olivie – Olivie’s got a thing for pink macarons. Feminine, but not too girly, Olivie knows how to host a crowd. From fashion to beauty and lifestyle bloggers, Olivie’s optimized, responsive design delights and converts visitors into email subscribers. From header to color schemes, she’s fully customizable to fit your brand’s unique aesthetic. (Because all macaroons are delicious. Not all of them are pink.)


Paisley’s beautiful design will add a classic chic style to your blog. Blog posts can be displayed in two columns in a grid layout, so your visitors can easily see your content. Paisley comes with a full-width background image for the header, which works well with a styled stock photo as the hero image. Make a bold first impression for your visitors with this stylish theme.


Quinn is the perfect fit WordPress theme for wedding event planners, photographers with an eye for the elegant, and creatives who love a traditional, girly touch. Featuring a full-width slider, Quinn’s the one to get your business website polished with professional poise and gives you options for a fluid user experience.


Meet Rachel – she flaunts her style with ease and turns heads with her feminine charm. Rachel showcases your first post as full-length and tidily presents the rest as excerpts. Customizing Rachel is as easy as slipping on a favorite pair of stilettos. Simply insert your logo and, if necessary, customize colors to fit your unique brand’s feminine aesthetic.


Meet Samantha – Samantha’s no-fuss, sensible personality doesn’t skimp on imaginative, strategic thinking for your business. Built for the creative boss with a focus on eCommerce for retail and digital products, Samantha brings a minimally modern sensibility to selling online.


Meet Tiffany – Stylishly designed with the makers, calligraphers and DIYpreneurs in mind. Built for E-Commerce shop, Tiffany celebrates minimal, feminine flexibility with the banner tiled homepage layout.


The Victoria theme is compatible with WooCommerce and designed for all of the girl bosses, lady entrepreneurs, and bloggers alike who want to showcase their business online in an elegant, professional way. The above-the-fold call to action will help you increase conversions to sign up for your email list.

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