I totally get it. The email marketing account. The graphic design software. The landing pages platform. $9.97 here, $27 there….before you know it you’re paying out hundreds a month and you don’t even know how to use HALF of the software.

My darling….you are NOT alone.

I get it.

So here’s the disclaimer I just need to give you upfront.

Free = more work time

There are TONS of ways to handle all of your marketing for free. Free web traffic, free social media followers, free social media scheduling….everything can be done for FREE.

But I REALLY want you to weigh the pros and cons before you decide where you want to save your pennies.

Because, let me be real with you….the business owners that are willing to fork out the money are the ones that are getting s**t done faster. And they faster they get it done, the faster they can move on to other things and leave you in their dust.

That being said, I understand the need for a budget. LAWD do I understand! 🙌

So I want to share with you my 5 favorite free social media schedulers as long as you PINKY PROMISE you will move to the paid versions sooner than later so we can get more things knocked off our to-do list in a shorter amount of time {cause you’ve got life to LIVE!}

Here we go….


I have used Hootsuite since Day 1 of my business. Most of my clients use it as well. There is a free and a paid version.

At the no-cost level, Hootsuite lets you connect up to three social profiles from your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

You can also schedule posts to, respond from, and monitor your profiles and their feeds all inside of the Hootsuite platform. In addition, you can monitor post engagement and success with analytics.

Hootsuite also has a browser extension that allows you to schedule content from the webpage that you’re visiting directly. {Big time saver}

Upgrading to Pro for $9.99/mo gets you up to 50 social profiles, bulk message scheduling, and pro reporting. {The bulk message scheduling can save hours of time}


If you’re big on Twitter, Social Oomph is your gal. She also works with a WIDE variety of Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and App.net in the paid version.

You can manage your Twitter followers and your direct messages box from within the app plus you are able to save and reuse social posts {for when you using it to run a campaign or get an extra boost out of your top performing content}.

Social Oomph is one of the more user friendly platforms out there.  I also like that the pro plan is only $6.97 every 2 weeks and no contract. So you might want to try this one with the paid and just see if you like it.


It can be used for many types of businesses but if you have an online store, SocialPilot is great for you. It has the ability to integrate with your eCommerce site so you can send out branded content. You’re also able to post your products directly onto social media using the photos from your store.

The free level will give you:

  • Up to three connected profiles
  • 8 different social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest
  • 10 posts/day, with 30 posts scheduled out
  • Content discovery and suggestions
  • Bulk Scheduling

Plus, upgrading to pro only costs you $4.99 a month {basically the cost of my latte at Starbucks}


If you’re only focused on ONE social profile, go with Buffer. The  free version only allows you to schedule posts for a single profile–and limits you to ten posts at a time. However, the free version does give you access to nearly all of the paid features, including:

  • Integrating with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+
  • Access to a mobile app on iPhone or Android
  • A browser extension, allowing you to schedule content directly from the page
  • A Video/GIF uploader
  • An optimal timing tool, allowing you to post when your audience is most likely to see it.

The only drawback….ONE profile.

With the paid version of Buffer, you pay on a per-post basis. $10 gets you 10 profiles and 100 scheduled posts, as well as a few other features.


This gal allows you use many different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. Not only can you schedule posts for profiles on multiple different networks, but you can also store your images and assets in the platform for you to reuse.

What you also get with the free level:

  • Up to 50 social profiles on 6 social networks
  • Full campaign planner and content calendar
  • Native scheduling and publishing
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Your own digital asset library
  • Access to thousands of stock images to purchase right from within the app
  • Receive support via email

Impressive right? Yes, it’s perfect for all of my tech-savvy friends. If you have a larger learning curve when it comes to technology, then let’s leave this one alone, dear.

The paid version comes with a customized analytics dashboard, unlimited digital asset storage, additional social network integration, and the ability to republish your posts.

That’s it dear ones. Those are five of my favs. Which ones do you use and what do you like about it? Any that I left off that you absolutely adore?

Leave a comment below. Love learning from you!