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The summer edition of the Home Business Marketing Magazine has now arrived!

When I first began working with home-based business owners, summer was known as the “down-time.” It’s the time where people focused more on kids rather than work. I share how it was more difficult to balance going full speed ahead with business while simultaneously enjoying the lazy days of summer (page 31). With this summer issue my goal is o show you that you can combine the two. The summer months are a fabulous time to build your business while enjoying the outdoors, taking the kids to the pool, or grilling on the barbecue.

Too many business owners step away or, at minimum, send out less emails and correspondence during the summer because their open rates drastically decline. But consistently corresponding during the summer sets you up for a really strong autumn and holiday season. So we’ve shared our 20 best summer subject lines that will capture your readers attention (page 8).

For the businesses who work with local customers, there is no better time than summer to increase your print marketing. You can get very creative with our summer print marketing ideas that you can hand out while you walk around the county fair or attend a farmer’s market (page 25).

Social media has changed the way we market our businesses. But sometimes we get in a rut of doing the same things over and over again, or posting the same type of posts month after month. Summer is a great time to shake up the routine and get your followers excited again. We are sharing some of our best summer tips for capturing your followers’ attention and continuing your business momentum right into the fall (page 14).

Becoming an influencer on social media has its ups and downs. You want to be open and relatable, yet still have a private life. In this issue, I share some of my thoughts on how I balance the two (page 22).

Blackberries are one of my favorite summer fruits. I could write an entire magazine filled with my favorite blackberry recipes but for this issue we are sharing a yummy blackberry muffin recipe (page 29). Plus, what would summer be without some frozen treats? Ice pops are one of the simplest snacks to make and are great for when the neighborhood kids are gathered at your home in the summer evenings (page 12).

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