So there was Christmas and then 3 days later was my 40th birthday. For the first time in a long time I was actually looking forward to the holidays. I had plans of relaxation with the kids and family. No stressful holiday travel. Just some R&R and catching up with friends and family.

That was all before the virus hit me 2 days before Christmas. I had temperatures of 103 degrees and I was OUT. My Christmas “dinner” consisted of Pedialyte and crackers. My 40th birthday “cake” was some dry protein cereal I managed to eat.

Oh yes, my 40th birthday was a memorable one. All plans were cancelled. The kids did not get to come see me because I was quarantined, and all I wanted to regain enough energy to make a cup of tea. The highlight of my birthday was receiving a bouquet of flowers from my cousin and then collapsing back into bed because answering the door for the delivery man took all of the strength I had.



Thankfully, before the virus hit we had recorded 23 1Minute2Motivate sessions. These are 60 seconds of motivational quotes and tips that are released each day on the blog. You can view them by clicking here or on “1Minute2Motivate” in the menu bar.

Some of you have been around long enough you remember that I used to do inspirational videos and post them every day. These 1Minute2Motivate videos are the condensed version, but hopefully just as inspiring.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. And I hope your holidays were filled with love, laughter, and zero Pedialyte.

With grace and gratitude,

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