INCREASE YOUR SALES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON katherine keller countdown timer featured

INCREASE YOUR SALES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON katherine keller countdown timer It is an understatement to say that holiday sales are highly competitive. Attention-grabbing ads are everywhere. Businesses pull out all of the stops.

Urgency Elements to Increase Sales

This is why, in marketing, we use urgency elements. Urgency elements are anything that create a sense of urgency in your customer.

“In selling, the concept of a sense of urgency involves two emotional aspects in the selling process. One is loss or the chance of losing something, and the other is procrastination

– Joe Sugarman

Urgency causes people to act quickly. If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that procrastination is your arch nemesis for making a sale, approving a project, bringing on a new team member. How many times have you heard, “I need to check with my husband/wife/fill in the blank”?

People think too hard, wait too long, or simply don’t respond. Raising the urgency level cuts through the psychological barriers that keep your customers from making the sale.

Examples of Urgency Elements:

  1. Scarcity: Limited supply
  2. Loss Aversion/Catastrophe: creates a fear of losing something or their lives becoming more difficult if they don’t act now.
  3. Competition: People will act more quickly if they think they can win something.
  4. Time-Related Words: Now, Fast, Quick, Hurry, Rapidly, Close, Approaching, Never, Seconds, Again, Over, Instant
  5. Pulling The Offer Away: “This webinar will not be recorded; Please sign up now.”

The urgency element I want to highlight today is the Countdown Timer. This one tends to have the best outcome for me and the holidays are a great time to implement it in your business. Plus, you can use it for free.

This will work for websites, sales page or if  you just want to include it in emails to your customers. Check out this video on how to use this in your business for the holiday season.

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