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drill team katherine keller i can't watch

It’s never dull around here. As soon as one competitive season ends another one is gearing up. On Saturday my daughter had her last soccer game of the fall season. Simultaneously, my son had his first high school drill competition of the season.

My daughter came off the field with a bruised up ankle but a 1-0 win that made all of it worth while. I love watching her play and I’m always sad when a season comes to an end.

Drill team….is another story.

Don’t get me wrong, my son’s drill team is top-notch. They are a nationally ranked team that puts in hours of practice at 5am everyday. They are incredible to watch.

But every time the rifle leaves my son’s hand, I have a small anxiety attack. An 11 pound rifle hurling at my son’s head is not relaxing, nor is it fun. My Mommy brain always goes into overdrive: “Please don’t drop it. Please don’t drop it. Please don’t drop it.”

On Wednesday I received a text from his JROTC instructor, “Marcus was hit in the face with the butt of the rifle. His nose was bleeding pretty badly, but he’s okay.”

It happens. They’ve all had cuts, bloody noses, gashes in the foreheads, sprained wrists, bruised toes.

But when it’s time for a competition, I’m like a duck: on the top of the water I seem calm and collected, under the water my heart is racing fast enough I could blackout at any moment.

My cousin, and best friend, has to close her eyes every time the rifle leaves his hand. I pretend to check the video camera to make sure it’s still recording. He has never dropped the rifle or injured himself during a competition (knock on wood) and Saturday they ended up coming home with a first place trophy.

Here is a 1 minute condensed version of the 7 minute routine:

Please tell me I’m not alone! Who else struggles watching their kids in their various activities because you are nervous for them? Let me know in the comments below.