• 13 Reasons You Are Failing

  • I absolutely LOVE this Infographic by Jim Kukral.  It gets strait to the point.  Warning: make sure you have some thick skin before reading….


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Tonight I believe I have reached the pinnacle of my culinary journey: Cacio e Pepe Soufflé and Parmigiano-Reggiano garlic asparagus. I feel like I just won the Heisman Trophy and I can faintly hear A much-needed sushi girls' night with this pretty lady.Sunday afternoon weekly planning for the team. A goal without a plan is just a wish.💜 #girlboss #business #businesswoman #entrepreneur #goals #leadership #hustle #love #wealthNeeded this today! Sunday breakfast with crème brûlée oatmeal, homemade croissants, and homemade Cabernet Sauvignon jelly. I'm probably going to need to go back to bed after this! 💜💜💜 #brunch #loveLet's play a little game called, This is how Abby and I cope with a snowy, January Saturday.....homemade guacamole and Playa del Carmen dreamin'. I can hear the distant sounds of a mariachi band..... 🌴☀️🍹 #winter #summerdreamingSooooo.....this is what I woke up seeing this morning. #hangrycat 👿Having #teatime with my baby girl after school. Enjoying these moments. She's growing up too fast! ☕️ 💜 #motherhood #love #creatingmemoriesMy birthday cake Abby and I made. It is a White Chocolate Mascarpone filled Crêpe Cake.  Mmmmmmmm...... #cake #loveNew year, new journal, and fresh blank pages to fill in. What is your biggest desire for your 2016 story?Listening to #Christmas piano music. Cooking potato soup with my son. #makingfamilymemories 💙💙💙