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A Note From Katherine

Home is where the heart is. It is the place of children’s laughter, holiday gatherings, warmth under a cozy blanket, a good book on the nightstand, the smell of homemade treats in the oven, and the place fond memories are created. For some of us, it is also the place where ideas are born, goals are reached, businesses are grown, and dreams are achieved.

We welcome and honor the entrepreneurs who have created a life and business within the walls of their homes. My work, and this website, are dedicated to helping you achieve a balance between building your business dreams and savoring life’s precious moments.

Take a quick tour and discover all of the cozy places of our home where you can learn, socialize, laugh, eat, and rest. We hope you will visit again and again to reveal your stories, receive encouragement, share some laughter, and celebrate your accomplishments.

With gratitude,

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Owner | Founder

The Family Room

The Family Room is a place to grab a cup of tea, curl up on the sofa, and read a short memoir on the story behind creating this company for women.

The Market

Shop at The Market and take home some of the best tools and resources for creating balance and peace while pursuing a business you love.

The Library

Visit The Library to choose from hundreds of articles on how to pursue your business dreams while enjoying life’s greatest experiences.

The Garden

Relax in The Garden – a place to slow down, savor meaningful relationships, take on new hobbies, and leave the stress behind.

The Kitchen

Stop by The Kitchen and receive some behind-the-scenes insight on my favorite, quick-yet-gourmet, recipes for entertaining or a family meal.

The Veranda

Grab a cocktail and join the party on The Veranda where you can contact us, keep up with the latest news, and socialize with our other guests.